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Control System Design at Control Craft LLC

Variable Frequency Control Panel
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Variable Frequency Control Panel
  Variable Frequency Drive Assembly
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Variable Frequency Drive Assembly

Control Craft has expertise in every aspect of control system design. We can program PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives), set up communication between devices using a variety of protocols, and verify the proper operation and performance of the system.

We consistently try to reduce costs for our customers while applying our extensive experience to improve the performance of the product. We form a partnership with our customers to help them produce the best and most cost-effective products possible.

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Control System Design Specifications

Capabilities Controls Design
Electrical Design
Mechanical Design
PLC Programming
PLC Testing/Verification
VFD Programming
VFD Testing/Verification
PLC Platforms Allen-Bradley RSLogix Series
Omron CXProgrammer
Communication Protocols CANBUS
Ethernet (TCP/IP)
Accepted Formats Adobe (PDF)
Applications Machinery Control
Motor Starters
Process Control
Industries Served Aerospace
Automated Door
Highway Lighting
Material Handling
Metal Machinery
Oil Drilling
Compliances Explosion-Proof
ISO9001 (Pending)
Equipment Automatic Wire Cutting Machine
Digital Multimeter
Wire Number Printer
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