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About Control Craft

Control Craft was established in 1996 by Tom Freudiger , who still serves as President.

Control Craft  has since grown substantially and  is now a major supplier of  industrial electrical control panels for a variety of companies .  Ray Buller joined in 2001 as a partner and VP in the business.  We have not forgotten the philosophy that got us where we are.

                                 * We are a UL shop certified for United States and Canada  *

                                                        [ including explosion proof ]


We can design for you or build to your design.


We  build custom panels and also production panels for “ original equipment manufacturers” or other companies that need electrical controls.


Our main strength  is building for OEMs because our business operates on the same qualities that original equipment manufacturers are looking for.  i.e.


* Consistency – All production panels are identical [ built to your specifications ]. A serial number system is in place to help identify individual panels, which helps enhance your customer service.

* Delivery / Dependability – Dependable on time delivery and consistent quality.

* Quality check- 100% of panels tested and recorded by serial number.

* Continuous effort to keep costs down; work with your engineers and purchasing dept. to keep them informed of alternate solutions and newly available parts.

* Continuous effort to improve performance of product; work with your engineers to bring ideas for improvement to their attention.

* Cost effective- we can usually  build panels for much less than OEMs can for themselves, because of  our  volume and also because of our wide range of experience and well trained personnel.

* Confidentiality- we conscientiously protect your information and designs.

*  Full Service- we can do as much of the job as you need, but we’re flexible. We are happy to do just the portion that you wish to job out.

*  UL shop for both USA and Canada.

* Troubleshooting – we are available to help our customers start up and/or troubleshoot any of their machines or products.


We have ample work space to handle large jobs; and we are well equipped with forklifts and  test equipment etc. to enable us to serve your account well.


We have a diverse clientele ,  most  of whom take advantage of our service capabilities to build the controls for their product lines , on a continual basis .We have a proven track record of being trustworthy with our customer’s confidential information. Some of the industries that we serve are:

·         Aircraft engines manufacturers

·         Automated door manufacturers

·         Oilfield equipment manufacturers [ including explosion proof ]

·         Highway / street lighting contractors

·         Metal working machine manufacturers

·          Material Handling Systems

·         Misc. entrepreneurs

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